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Rear Brake Light For Bikes (2-pack)

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Show cars when you are braking!!!

As the fall days get shorter, we find ourselves riding at dusk more. 

And that just increases the risks of accidents. 

With this handy rear brake light you can easily communicate with traffic around you, advising them that you are stopping. 

This is especially handy on those group rides where they rider behind you is so focused on your wheel that they miss your hand signals (hey, it happens.). 

The little light flashes, signaling that you are slowing down and preventing accidents.

Easy to install. It goes on OVER your existing brake cable so you don't have to re-run any cables or readjust brakes after installation.  Installs in seconds. 

Plus, with our introductory 2-for-1 deal, you can put one on each of your bikes (ok, ok, who are we kidding? You'll definitely need more than 2!)


Or give the second one to a friend. 


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